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Media interview with Hui&Xin IP during 8th OVC IPPI Forum
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  “Round Table Conference for Professionals and Experts Face to Face” held in Wuhan Optics Valley of China on November 3, 2010 was a complete success. The success of this round table conference provided clients a rare opportunity to meet experts face to face, therefore won general approval of major business representatives attending the conference.

  In addition, Round Table Conference was a new mode which appeared on the 8th “Wuhan - Optics Valley of China” Intellectual Property Protection International Forum for the first time. No such kind of discussing conference among enterprises and experts was held on the previous “Wuhan - Optics Valley of China” Intellectual Property Protection International Forums. In view of its novelty, this Round Table Conference has attracted many domestic media and magazine to interview and report, such as China news, Xinhua News Agency, Hubei TV City Channel and Yangtze Daily, etc. Round Table Conference is a “new thing”, which makes a lot of Media want to know the initial intention of holding such kind of conference from Beijing Hui & Xin. To solve this problem, our Senior Partner, Mr. Jianping Wang accepted the interview and briefly illustrated our intention to provide customers with more convenient and more specialized services. At the same time, journalists also conducted an interview with our Senior Consultant, Prof. Xiang YU on some related issues of intellectual property protection and innovation.

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